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I researched LCD TV modles and prices for over a year, checking them out in a local store. When I saw this Samsung, I jumped at it: * Price was right, under $700 * Great picture with super low refresh rate(to minimize the blurring you see on older sets). * The one in the store ran much cooler than older modles. This was important as I wanted to put the set inside my entertainment cabinet. * Great tuner: My old analog TV could only pick up 2 channels via the antenna. (I mostly watch DVDs.) The Samsung picked up over 20 digital channels flawlessly, just using a $20 RadioShack inside antenna! I don't need cable! * The picture is simply stunning when you are viewing a hi-definition broadcast (1080i). I gasped when I first saw it. Only downside: You can't use a VCR with this set because it doesn't have the outdated composite video input that VCRs require, only the newer component and HDMI inputs. I've had this set for a couple of months and I love it!


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